History: About the Schoolhouse

The Hopkins Schoolhouse, located off of 170th St N. and Highway 61, was constructed in 1928 and served as an “ungraded Elementary school" until 1962.

Students in grades 1- 8 attended Hopkins school until the mid-1940s. From then on, and until the school was closed in the spring of 1962, the school served grades 1-6 .

In 1965, the property was purchased for $3,500 by Oneka Township from the Forest Lake School District. The structure was used by Oneka Township as their Town Hall until 1972, when Oneka Township was incorporated into the Village of Hugo; forming the City of Hugo. It was then that the City acquired the building.

The building was briefly used as a youth center and a meeting place for Hugo Boy Scouts. However, the building has remained vacant since the early 2000's. In February 2023, the Hugo City Council gave the go-ahead for the HSHC project to move forward considering the substantial support from the community. Progress must be ongoing and specific milestones must be met annually to ensure ongoing support from the Council.

Source: A brief history of Hugo's one room schoolhouse. City of Hugo. https://www.ci.hugo.mn.us/hopkins. Accessed 16 Oct. 2022.


A new non-profit:

Hopkins Schoolhouse & Heritage Center

Mission: Promoting community engagement and leadership by honoring the heritage of Hugo, Forest Lake, and the surrounding area; highlighting historic examples of citizens who made a difference in the community; and offering a place for community members to gather.

HSHC Programs

1900 classroom in rural one room school

Historic Schoolhouse

A point of interest where visitors can experience a one-room schoolhouse; learn about the schoolhouse history and architecture; and hear stories of teachers, students, and others who passed through its doors.

Book and Glasses on a Desk

Historical Displays

A new home for the Hugo Historical Commission and the Forest Lake Historical Society to showcase rotating displays telling the stories of community leaders, businesses, and citizens who drove progress to make our community what it is today.

Senior Couple with Granddaughter Gardening in the Backyard Garden

Educational Experiences

A place where community members and businesses can offer interactive educational experiences that highlight cultural aspects that have been significant in shaping our heritage – connecting the past with the present and challenging visitors to consider their role in shaping the future.

Team in a Meeting

Meeting Space

A new meeting place where community members can gather and collaborate to build on the work of those who came before us and continue advancing progress in our community.

Bench Under a Tree in Park

Trail Stop

Just a short walk from the Hardwood Creek Regional Trail, the schoolhouse grounds offer a welcoming place for visitors to rest, recharge, and learn about our history and programs offered by the HSHC.


Forest Lake Historical Society

The Forest Lake Historical Society is a 501c-3 non-profit. Its mission is to collect, preserve, and disseminate historical knowledge about the Forest Lake area. The Society is serving as the temporary fiscal and operational host for the project as a new non-profit is formed. The Society will then transition to a lead partner role, consistent with the Hugo Historical Commission's role.

Hugo Historical Commmission

The Hugo Historical Commission was established by the City of Hugo in 2002, and is a lead partner on the project. A representative of the Commission serves as ex-officio voting member on the Hopkins Schoolhouse and Heritage Center board of directors.

Hopkins Schoolhouse

& Heritage Center

The new nonprofit, Hopkins Schoolhouse and Heritage Center, will be responsible for long-term management, preservation, and sustainability of the Hopkins Schoolhouse and programs offered through the Heritage Center. It will be governed by a board that includes representation from the two lead partners in addition to area residents, educators, and business leaders.

Volunteer Opportunities

General Volunteer Sign Up

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to help make the vision for the Hopkins Schoolhouse and Heritage Center a reality. Please use the form below to tell us how you would like to contribute to the project. As the project advances, we will need volunteers with a variety of skillsets and we welcome your involvement.

Grounds Cleanup Day

The next grounds cleanup

day will be scheduled in October - following the completion of Phase 1 restoration.

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Board of Directors Application

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Hopkins Schoolhouse and Heritage Center!

Heritage News

In May 2023, Heritage News was launched to bring the community the latest updates on the efforts to restore the Hopkins Schoolhouse and transform it into the Hopkins Schoolhouse and Heritage Center.

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May 1, 2023 - Edition #1